How to keep your dog healthy when it gets older


As your dog grows old its health requirements change. Just like human beings become delicate in old age so do dogs. However with good care and attention your senior dog can successfully navigate through old age with minimal health complications. Below are tips on how to keep your dog healthy when it gets older.

Keep up with regular health checks

Frequent visits to the veterinary is a must. Prevention is better than cure. Vets understand older dogs better than you the owner does. Early diagnosis of certain conditions may help a lot in preventing disastrous aftermaths. Older dogs should not miss vaccinations and even blood and urine testing.

Be informed on common health complications associated with older dogs

Having enough knowledge gives you the power to formulate appropriate solutions. Read and learn more about what might put it at risk. Learn about popular ailments like osteoarthritis, dental diseases, kidney problems, cancers, cataracts, heart and respiratory diseases. Know the common signs and symptoms of the mentioned diseases.

Adjust dietary requirements accordingly

healthy dog

Feed old dogs on food that is appropriate for their age. Study your dog well , especially as far as weight loss or gain is concerned. Also because of the weakening immune system, older dogs may require more immune building foods. Consult a veterinary on the type of pet food that will help shield your dog from common ailments. Old dogs should have a diet full of vitamin C and E. in addition nutrients like beta carotene, and omega 3 fatty acids are great health boosters.

Be on the look out for any behavioral changes

You should be able to note any behavior change in your senior dog. Look out for changes in feeding and sleeping patterns. If your old dog is not walking well or active as usual then there must be something wrong. If the dog suddenly becomes harsh and angry then it might be feeling some pain. All these behavioral changes are meant to communicate to you that your dog is not at ease. Consult a vet as soon as you can.

Maintain regular dental care

Dental infections affecting the tooth and gum are common in older dogs. As such the only way to prevent them is to ensure regular dental care. For instance if your dog suddenly drops food from the mouth and has difficulty in chewing , something is probably not right. Another serious dental disease to look out for is smelly breath. You can do brushing at home regularly and occasional professional cleaning from a veterinary.

Provide comfortable sleeping and resting areas

Older dogs usually have trouble sleeping and resting due to sore and worn out joints. If you are unable to buy orthopedic beds deisgned for older dogs provide very soft blankets and towels. Provide more comfort by ensuring basic necessities like food and water are close by.

Groom your dog regularly

A dirty old dog is prone to numerous health complications. A regular bath and serious weekly grooming is enough to keep your senior dog sparkling and healthy. Check the nails to ensure they are clean and in good condition. When washing your dog choose a healthy shampoo , one that is recommended by a vet.


Ensure you maintain a consistent daily routine. This is important to give your emotional stability. Remember old age is inevitable, however it is up to you to determine whether your dog enjoys old age or not.

Top Tips To Relieve Dog Joint Pain

You might know that how common is the joint pain in human beings but you might not have any idea that how common it is in the dogs. It is great to have a dog in your house but there are some responsibilities which you should take while bringing them in your house. Dogs are the most loving pet and one does not like to see them suffer. Dog joint pain is very common among the dogs which different types of species of these animals experience in their lifetime. The dogs of larger breeds usually suffer from it because they are not able to take the weight of their own body as they start aging. Dog joint pain is usually caused by elbow or hip dysplasia, arthritis, obesity or just because of old age. If you have that breed of dog that is known for the problems in joints then you should start early. There are many ways to relieve dog joint pain and you can start when your dog is a puppy. Here are some tips to relieve dog joint pain.

  1. Firstly you should provide your puppy with daily nutrition. This will ensure that your pet has healthy joints and bones and it will also improve their development and growth.
  2. You should reward your pet with healthy treats that are good for the development of joint and hip. These healthy treats are available at any pet store or you may also find it at some of the supermarkets.
  3. You should let your pet to exercise and should prevent them from getting overweight. When the dogs are overweight then their joint pain increases due to excess of weight.

relieve dog joint pain

If your dog is already suffering from joint pain then you should follow these tips to relieve dog joint pain.

  1. Food Rich in Nutrients: As mentioned above, you should give food to your pet that should be rich in nutrients. There are also mineral and vitamins supplements available which plays an important role in the physical health of the dog. If you see that your pet is in pain then you should limit their intake of unhealthy foods and try to adjust their diets. If your dog is overweight then it might find it hard to cope with the joint pain and if the dog loses few pounds then some of its pain may be lessened.
  2. Steps or Stairs: If there are stairs or steps around your house then you should install a ramp in your house so that your dog can walk on it. It is very hard for the dog who is suffering from joint pain to climb steps or stairs, so a ramp can reduce the amount of pain drastically which they feel while getting up the porch.
  3. Exercise: Exercise is very important for everyone. Due to the pain you should never let your dog to quit exercising. You should decide that what exercise your dog should do to ease from the pain. The exercise should not be overdone. If while exercising your dog becomes tired then you should not push it to exhaust. If your dog is not able to chase balls or run around that does not mean that it will not be able to take a stroll along with you down the block. Strolling is a great option if your dog is suffering from the joint pain as it relives dog joint pain.
  4. Bed: You should see that your dog gets a comfortable bed to sleep. There are also special beds available on the market which is for the dogs who is suffering from arthritis. You should try to get a cushy kind of bed for your pet dog.
  5. Massage: Massage is very much important for your dog. You should gently massage your pet. You should make sure that you are not hurting your dog while doing so. If you do the massage hardly then you are hurting them and it might try to run away from you or try to bite you. The more you give it a massage, the more relief it feels. If it seems relaxed then you are helping it. By massaging you will not get an immediate result but you will notice some improvement in their walking and in their range of movement within few days.